Overview (2014)





Key economic sectors

1,919,317 square kilometres


$856.1 billion

Agriculture (14.43 % of GDP), Mining (12 % of GDP)

Bioenergy & Biomass Feedstocks


Sustainability issues


Land rights

Large numbers of people in rural areas have little or no land


Food security

Food insecurity and under-nutrition are persistent challenges but a development plan is being implemented to promote quality of human resources, science & technology and strengthen economic competitivene



There are habitat degradation and fragmentation, landscape changes, overexploitation of resources, pollution, climate change, forest and land fires, and the economic and political crises. Biodiversity is addressed in relevant incentives and biodiversity considerations have also been incorporated into the administration of local governments


Policies related to bioenergy


National Energy Policy formalised the development of biofuels in Indonesia (ethanol and biodiesel) and established a 5% biofuel mandate by 2025