Overview (2014)





Key economic sectors

603,500 square kilometres

44 429 471

$341.5 billion

Agriculture (33% of GDP), services (19% of GDP),manufacturing (15% of GDP)

Bioenergy & Biomass Feedstocks


Key Sustainability issues


Food security

Food security is high in Ukraine; however local food shortages as a result of political conflicts and local economics remain problematic.



Ukraine possesses 35% of Europe's biodiversity, including rare and endemic species. According to the Red Data Book of Ukraine 826 flora species and 542 fauna species need special protection. Several support mechanisms among which legislation; funding, coordination and monitoring are adopted, carried out mainly in the western and southern regions of Ukraine.


Soil quality

The soils of Ukraine are among the most fertile in the world, containing a high percentage of humus. Poor land management is a threat resulting in soil erosion and thereby soil quality degradation.

Policies related to bioenergy


Ukraine complies with Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and has a target to reach 11% of renewable sourced gross final energy consumption in 2020.

In the Energy Strategy of Ukraine the consumption of biomass, biofuels and waste is expected to increase from 1.56 Mtoe in 2013 to 11.85 Mtoe in 2030, projected to be 9% of the total energy consumption and 84% of the renewable energy consumption.



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